Guests at Kagaya can enjoy the best of local ingredients prepared in the authentic way that has been passed down the century.

Working with fresh seasonal produce to bring out the best flavours brings profound joy to our chefs. The thoughts that go into the selection, preparation and presentation make each dish of the kaiseki-ryori a culinary delicacy as well as a work of art. Whether it is seafood, vegetables, rice, or wine, we strive to give each of our guests a taste of Kagaya.

Every dish is meticulously prepared to achive the perfect balance of taste, appearance, and texture.


The abundant seasonal fish such as gori, tai, and goby, is perfectly complimented with spring vegetables such as bamboo shoot grown in the local fields. The plentiful local flavours will surely pamper our guests’ taste buds.


The cold current from the north meets the upward warm current and the result is the delicious harvest of seafood such as whelk, abalone, and iwagaki oyster.


At the start of fall, nothing beats the taste of sweet shrimp, matsutake mushroom, and chestnut, washed down with the famous Noto sake.


The majestic Kano crab is king in the winter, along with yellowtail fish, and oyster, they make a sumptuous feast of shabu shabu and sashumi. Also in season is the nakajima spinach, indigenous to Noto Peninsula, that has a delicate bitter taste, exotic aroma, and therapeutic property for high blood pressure.