The contemporary exterior of the hotel contrasts with the traditional tea hall themed interior decor that is imbued with Zen references making a relaxing space for an authentic onsen ryokan. Kagaya also houses numerous displays and regular exhbitions of work by the artists and craft masters of Ishikawa. There is guided tour led by a veteran staff member on the history and techniques of each of the pieces housed within the ryokan.


Wajima lacquer

Kaga yuzen print

A Ryokan・Also a

During check-in on ground floor of the Noto Nagisatei wing, you will see the Wajima lacquer piece Flying Goddesses by Kado Issaburo hanging from the ceiling; walking from the lobby to the guest room, you will pass the famous Nihonto by Masamine Sumitani in display cabinet; if you look up while calling the life in the Noto Nagisatei wing, you will see the Kaga yuzen print Flowers of Four Seasons donning the exterior of the 8-storey lift shaft; there is a piece of artwork directly facing the lift on every floor: e.g. on the 3/F is the Kakasigama piece “Peach” from one of Noto’s kilns; even inside the men’s onsen bath, guests may admire the Ohi ware Lush Mountain Green Water, etc.; finally, as the guests are checking out, the Wajimanuri piece Auspicious Birds under the counter represents our well wishes to every guest at Kagaya.

Ohi ware

Wajima laquer



Kagaya’s onsen is the so-called saline spring, nicknamed “longevity bath”, that is known to alleviate symptoms such as bruise, arthritis, and neuralgia. The spring water gushing past the crystals in the underground granite, filtered and maintained at a constant temperature. As an over 1000 year-old Wakura onsen, it is believed to be on of the first onsens in Japan. Moreover, our unique location by the ocean affords our guest the breathtaking view of the Nanao Bay.

Ebisu Bath
(for men)

Benten Bath
(for women)

Kashin Bath
(for women)


Apart from the local specialties and handicrafts of Noto and Kaga, you can also find Kagaya’s very own confections on Nishiki Koji. There are five annual seasons at Kagaya: the four seasons plus early summer; guests rooms are supplied with three kinds of confections specially created in each season. Every year, fresh varieties are introduced in a brand new packaging. In recent years, Kagaya has been actively developing our ryokan brand in that our guests may find every items they use during their stay available for purchase on Nishiki Koji. For instance, you will notice the fragrant aroma as soon as you step in the premise which is supplied by one of the oldest incense shops in Kyoto. The different room fragrances are available for purchase so that our guests can bring home the scents of Kagaya.



Nishiki Oji is a 1,000 tsubo (approx.33,000 sq.m.) of dynamic, lively entertainment zone that stretches around 80m in length. The Hanafubuki Theatre is run by Kagaya’s very own opera troupe, the Setsugekka Opera Company, putting on Revue style shows daily. New shows are developed on a regular basis. The indoor arcades also feature smaller stages for performances of ethnic dances, acrobatic, Japanese matsuri music, etc. You will also find various Japanese or Western bars, Japanese restaurants, and izakaya.